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(I’m thinking about parenthetical statements and how they seem to be the most important part of anything I write; I’m thinking about Junot Díaz; I’m thinking about a presentation I gave where I tried to take the parenthetical out of brackets and center it in my discussion of text, context, and subtext; I’m thinking about who I’m writing this post for, who I want to read it, who I think will read it, who’s really going to read it, and Toni Morrison; I’m thinking about Zora Neale Hurston and Janie and “that oldest human longing – self-revelation”; I’m thinking about James frickin’ Franco and acknowledgement…)

With so much information floating around, it seems important for me to sort out the texts that are most salient to and resonant with my ideals, ambitions, and actions.

Reading or Re-Reading:

Read and (often) Revisited: