Jim Bourg / Reuters
Jim Bourg/Reuters

The first Thanksgiving I spent away from family was spent at REDACTED‘s grandmother’s row house in Baltimore. Even then, in the mid 90s, that city block was a mix of stately architecture and boarded up windows. What I have to say about what’s happening in Baltimore is very simple:

Any Black man who dies under any circumstance in an encounter with American law enforcement – any circumstance – is cause for rage, protest, action, and, yes, when nothing else works, riot. We are citizens of this country, but wherever we are in great numbers, we are under violent cultural, social, economic, and judicial siege. It is an injustice and a disgrace. And it is further injustice and disgrace that any movement we make in response to this situation is met with what? escalated violent oppression.

This is the land of the Boston Tea Party, right? As lore would have it, that was over taxes. Well, this is about human lives.

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