In Hito Steyerl‘s Liquidity, Inc., there’s a suggestion that we, I, you, make the weather (actually, it’s explicit1). Of course we project meaning on to natural phenomena; ‘bad’ and ‘good’ weather are only a matter of perspective2. Or, perhaps, more terrifyingly, we actually make tomorrow’s weather with all that we do today3. I wanted to revisit the face/s in Roni Horn’s work, and think about my own in Game Face, so I searched

  1. “The weekend weather is a dream. Not only over the weekend! The forecast for tomorrow is just what you thought it would be.” ↩︎
  2. In fact, it is exactly what you are thinking. Or, more precisely, what you are feeling.” ↩︎
  3. Not inside but outside, in the stratosphere. Perhaps you aren’t feeling that great. You know why? You are insane. You realized the weather originates from you. Me, too.” ↩︎