perfect day

My MFA colleague Peng Wu came up with a project called Shuffle Perfect Day: “Whenver my ipod is shuffling the song Perfect Day by Lou Reed, I take a picture of whatever in front of me.” Yesterday, on the airplane, my iPod played Perfect Day, so I took a picture and sent it to Jason:

Perfect Day #1 - Call, 2014 (by Allison Bolah)
Perfect Day #1 – Call, 2014 (by Allison Bolah)

He sent one back:

Perfect Day #1 - Response, 2014 (by Jason Maddox)
Perfect Day #1 – Response, 2014 (by Jason Maddox)

I wonder how many people have iPods and how many of those iPods have Perfect Day… Anyway, Peng’s project is a damned good one. The parameters are super-simple but strict: the iPod must be on shuffle, he has to hear the song, and – and this is the kicker – he has to photograph what’s in front of him.

I can’t play that game. My iPod doesn’t ‘shuffle’; it plays what and when I want, or in alphabetical order by album title. I think Peng makes his photograph as soon as he hears the song (though it’s not in his ‘rules’), but 3:45 is a long time, so I figure I can take a picture at any point during the duration of the song. I’m adding that, when I think of the song organically (ie, not because I’m writing about it), I’ll also take a picture. And I can photograph from any direction (I didn’t want to take a picture of the head of the man sitting in front of me, so I angled up). His project is better, but if Jason does the call-and-response with me, I think this might be a fun iteration…