my students’ post-election concerns

I asked my classes to list, if they had any, their post-election concerns. In loose order of frequency and intensity across two grade levels and seven classes, this is what they came up with:

  • Increased racial tension
  • War
  • Nuclear war
  • Immigration/deportation
  • Recession/depression
  • Employment/unemployment
  • Changes in social programs (food stamps etc.)
  • Loss of Obamacare
  • Cost of college
  • Changes in the student loan system
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Women’s rights
  • Muslims’ rights
  • Status of lower/working classes
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Environment/climate change
  • Standing Rock protests/Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Fracking
  • Protests
  • Corruption
  • Riots
  • Foreign affairs/diplomatic relations
  • Relations w/ China and Mexico
  • ISIS
  • Russia

Between now and January 20, 2017, my goal is to help them access and organize reliable information and useful resources about these concerns.