the good parts, 1

I promised myself that I would make writing my thesis part of this website to create a sense of… landing for the finished document. It’s nice and all for the thing to be bound in black, labeled in gold, sitting on the shelf alongside Azisa’s and Duoni’s and Mervy’s and Jack’s (and Huan’s and Wenwen’s and Desiree’s and Xioahua’s…), but unless someone gets super-curious about my work, it’ll never get read. Here, however, someone might read the little snippets I post until I upload the final version. Thus far, I like these bits in the introduction:

Although accent is familiarly fraught terrain for many American communities defined in part by immigration, race, location, class, and gender, No Accident extends conversations within the African diaspora about who ‘we’ are, how we ‘do’, why, and the implications for our lived experiences . Through my work, I assert the validity of my voice in these community exchanges.

The intersection of community and citizenship is central to the thinking that supports my practice. Communities share physical spaces like cities or conceptual spaces like ethnic or gendered identities that affect community members’ lived experiences in predictable patterns. Acts of citizenship are intended to publicly negotiate for community members the experience of these shared spaces. By excerpting, excluding, annotating, or otherwise altering them, I ponder the influence of the patterns or narratives of these shared spaces on community members’ lived experiences. Indeed, I have come think of my work as comprised of acts of citizenship within my various communities.

My thesis topic/objective:

This thesis: describes the theoretical framework wherein I situate my practice; analyzes the ways spaces create relationships with communities and, by extension, mediate relationships with art; and posits that, given their missions, relationships with their communities, and my personal experiences with them, libraries and library-like spaces are metaphors and appropriate places for my work to enter into the community-based conversations that drive my practice.