the ‘power’ of image

Comment on Patricia Cohen’s NYT article Middle Class, but Feeling Economically Insecure:

P-K4 California 12 hours ago
Ha. Looking at the main picture in the article, one can imagine a simpler time when America was great for the middle classes.

As a wealthy yet bitter black man, I can only think about the restrictive covenants and how crowded corralled and red lined African American communities were all over Jim and James Crow America at the time. For AAs, there was no idyllic time of American middle class prosperity for us to remember fondly thanks to the thoughtful impediments placed before us by middle class Americans like the ones pictured in the article.

So my response, is welcome to the club. America treats not only its AAs poorly now, and that’s the great takeaway for P-K4. To P-K4, that’s a seemingly “fair” result.

Indeed. Search the article in its current incarnation for the words ‘black’, ‘African’, ‘Latino’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Asian’, ‘Indian’, ‘immigrant’, or ‘native’ and nothing comes up! As for ‘white’? Only a reference to ‘white-collar’. As though class and race are not inextricably linked…

 The image in question. H. Armstrong Roberts/Corbis
The image in question. H. Armstrong Roberts/Corbis