Wesley Morris at the NYTimes

I hope he’s still at Grantland, too (well, maybe not; I am the only dope who likes having more than one gig at a time…) Ooops. Guess not.

from The Year We Obsessed Over Identity (or “Who Do You Think You Are?”):

The bitterness of the sketch made me wonder if being black in America is the one identity that won’t ever mutate. I’m someone who believes himself to have complete individual autonomy, someone who feels free. But I also know some of that autonomy is limited, illusory, conditional. I live knowing that whatever my blackness means to me can be at odds with what it means to certain white observers, at any moment. So I live with two identities: mine and others’ perceptions of it. So much of blackness evolving has been limited to whiteness allowing it to evolve, without white people accepting that they are in the position of granting permission. Allowing. If that symbiotic dynamic is going to change, white people will need to become more conscious that they, too, can be perceived.