what a concept

from Seph Rodney‘s The Conflict Around Diversity at the American Alliance of Museums:

Another session speaker, Eric Jolly, the former president of the Minnesota Science Museum1, indicated that policies could be implemented to stymie that institutional failure to recognize talent in nonstandard guises. He said that while acting as the museum president, he would not allow a hiring process to move forward until a committee had found at least one qualified candidate of color, and if that candidate was not ultimately chosen, the committee would need to write a letter to him or her explaining in detail why he or she had been passed over.2 The same policy, I believe, should be implemented with regard to promoting women within institutions. It costs extra work but prods a kind of conscientious thinking that may not otherwise occur.

  1. And current President and CEO of Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, a partner for a bananas organization that might be either the devil in the vein of robber-baron philanthropy or genuinely ‘good’… ↩︎
  2. This has happened maybe twice in my art world/art education job searches. ↩︎